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Businesses come to us because of the customer services and the professional communication provided with every job that we do.  How can we help you today?




Solidus Services provides IT solutions and Analytic Software Integration for Businesses. As Technologies continues to involve, business are starting to find the need for Digital Transformation of their day to day operations. This is where Solidus Services can help.


EARLY DAYS: In the early days, Solidus Services Pty Ltd was like any other start ups, we provided IT support to small business such as Managed Hosting, Website Design, and onsite IT Support.  With our experience over the years, we know your business needs and tools for success.




MISSION: To be the partner of choice for Business looking at Digital tranformation of their operations. Providing expert advice to drive revenue and growth with unparallel customer service.


VISION: We see all business in the coming years will experience a Digital tranformation one way or another, this can be retail business moving from traditional selling to eCommerce store fronts, the digital transformation of operations such as migrating services to Google for Work or Office 365, and even Digitalising HR processes.




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