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Solidus Services provides online eCommerce solutions and Google Analytics Integration for Businesses. Our eSolidus Suite is an eCommerce platform that will power your business allowing you to sell online, manage services, and recruit as your operation grows. It can also act as a powerful Website Management System, and support multiple languages.


EARLY DAYS: In the early days, Solidus Services Pty Ltd was like any other start ups, we provided IT support to small business such as Managed Hosting, Website Design, and onsite IT Support.  With our experience over the years, we know your business needs and tools for success.




MISSION: To be the partner of choice for Business moving into the eCommerce industry. Providing expert advice to drive revenue and growth with unparallel customer service.


VISION: We see all business in the coming year moving rapidly online, whether selling on a platform like Amazon or social media like Facebook. However, to drive a strong Branding to sell your unique product, a business must establish their own eCommerce presence.  This is when you contact Solidus Services.



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